TSW TrackerTSW Tracker
v1.6.3: February 1, 2024
- Updated West Somerset Railway service count and layers to reflect game update (TSW4 only).

v1.6.2: October 27, 2023
- The link to More DLC Info in the DLC Options popup now opens in a new tab/window.
- Fixed various bugs.

v1.6.1: October 15, 2023
- Updated NEC: New York - Trenton service count and layers to reflect game update (TSW4 only).

v1.6.0: September 19, 2023
- Upgraded TSW Tracker to support TSW4.
- Added support for a new country (Austria)
- Created a new page in Account Settings to port your progress between generations of TSW. You can port from TSW2 to TSW3, and from TSW3 to TSW4.
- Revamped the DLC Details section of Stats. You can access a DLC's details page from the DLC Options pop-up, or from the sidebar on the Stats page.
- DLC Details page will give fine-grained detail about a DLC including its layers and recent activity.
- You can now access a DLC Details page by clicking on a DLC name on the DLC Activity page.
- Revamped the "My Reports" landing page. It will now tell you what game the report is from (the game you were playing at the end of that month).
- Multiple bug fixes and formatting changes

v1.5.6: August 11, 2023
- The site will now track when you first play a DLC.
- On the Stats tab of the DLC Options popup, you can now see when you first played the DLC.
- Also on the Stats tab, you can show "Your Progress vs Average" as a percentage or a value
- Loco and Gameplay Pack DLCs will show their parent DLC underneath their name. You can disable this on the DLC Display Options page.
- Landing page of the Stats section has been revamped. More to come...
- Minor CSS/JS fixes and enhancements.

v1.5.5: July 2, 2023
- Added Journey Mode totals to ROG Class 37/7, BNSF SD70ACe, and DB BR 403 ICE 3 Railbow (when were those added to the game?!)

v1.5.4: June 20, 2023
- Updated Southeastern High Speed layers to reflect game update.

v1.5.3: June 7, 2023
- Updated Midland Main Line layers to reflect game update.

v1.5.2: January 19, 2023
- Updated London Commuter layers to reflect game update.

v1.5.1: November 8, 2022
- Added ability for layers to require multiple DLCs, to support the upcoming release of Birmingham Cross-City.

v1.5.0: November 2, 2022
- Added more features to the DLC details pop-up, including more favourite colours, a new statistics tab, and a new DLC info tab. You can check it out by clicking on any DLC name on the main page.
- Added a search button to the main page. You can search by many different terms including DLC name, locale, country, developer, locomotive class, and more!
- Bug fix: Pinning a DLC would not work if you didn't have your DLCs grouped by a category
- Minor formatting tweaks and bug fixes

v1.4.2: September 28, 2022
- Added the ability to sort DLCs by actual values as well as by percentage. Check out the DLC Display Options page to try it out!

v1.4.1: September 11, 2022
- Bug Fix: Right-click menu on DLC Name: "Pin DLC" button would not work.

v1.4.0: September 1, 2022
- Upgraded TSW Tracker to support TSW3.
- Moved Installed DLCs to a separate section of the Account Settings page.
- Created a function in Account Settings to port your TSW2 progress over to TSW3.
- The Random DLC button can now be configured to be bias towards DLCs you haven't played in a while.

v1.3.0: March 2, 2022
- New options available for each individual DLC:
- Change the colour of your favourite DLCs.
- Pin the DLC to the top of its category
- Exclude the DLC from the Random DLC button
- Do not include the DLC's values in your total score at the bottom (your score on the Leaderboard will remain unchanged)
- Hide this DLC from your list (the values of the DLC will still count to your overall score)
- Add notes to the DLC (maybe you want to keep track of which locos you have completed all the services for so you don't keep selecting them in the game menu!)
- You can access these options by clicking on the DLC name on the main page
- You can also access some of these options quickly by right clicking on the DLC name
- The site will now keep track of when you last played a DLC and you are now able to sort by Last Played
- Bug Fix: Random DLC button will give user feedback if no compatible DLCs could be found (ie all DLCs are 100% complete)
- Bug Fix: DLC would think it was complete even if not at 100% if the total values were so high that the percentage would round to 100%

v1.2.11: October 14, 2021
- Added next gen consoles to Account Settings so that totals can be accurate to the platform you play on.

v1.2.10: October 5, 2021
- Updated Nahverkehr Dresden service totals to reflect changes from game update.

v1.2.9: August 19, 2021
- Added TVL layer to West Somerset Railway.
- Updated timetable services of WSR to reflect changes from Summer Update.

v1.2.8: July 11, 2021
- Added more Leaderboards and DLC Rankings to the Stats Page.
- Created a new section of the Stats page called DLC Activity which allows you to see in real time which DLCs are being played.
- Added more of an introduction to newer users to let them understand what TSW Tracker is all about.

v1.2.7: May 23, 2021
- Added support for timezones, which will be needed for planned features coming in the future.

v1.2.6: April 27, 2021
- Fixed a bug in user reports where it would get confused if you had fewer services completed than the previous month. (Thanks for that Sebsys :p)
- Removed redundant negative symbol in user reports when value is less than last month.
- Improved the look and fixed a few formatting issues with user reports.

v1.2.5: April 12, 2021
- Added "Forget My Password" function on the login form.
- Fixed a bug that prevented users with an underscore in their name from logging in.

v1.2.4: April 11, 2021
- Added a logo and favicon unique to TSW Tracker!
- Changed the colour scheme of the progress bars to be in line with the new logo.
- Other minor CSS tweaks and enhancements.

v1.2.3: March 16, 2021
- Added DLC statistics on the stats page. Just click on a DLC name on the Stats page!

v1.2.2: March 8, 2021
- Added support for Diesel Legends by adding a new category of DLC (Gameplay Packs).

v1.2.1: February 22, 2021
- Bug fixes.

v1.2.0: February 18, 2021
- Added monthly reports. Unfortunately you won't be able to see this feature until March 1! But hopefully it's worth the wait.
- A report will show you how much you have progressed in the last month.
- You can make a report public and share it with anyone with a TSW Tracker account.
- Reports will become more detailed as time goes on. Any suggestions are welcome!
- Added notifications. This will be used to notify a user when a new DLC has been added to TSW Tracker or when a new monthly report is ready.
- Redesigned the user menu in the top bar.
- Optimized the top bar on smaller screens.
- Added backend support for different max values based on platform. (I didn't realize that IoW only has 4 achievements on PlayStation!)
- Speaking of... Adjusted achievement total for Isle of Wight on PlayStation to correct amount.
- Added support for Switzerland in preparation for the release of The Arosa Line.
- Countless CSS/HTML tweaks and bug fixes. I won't bore you with the details...

v1.1.7: February 16, 2021
- Updated service totals for Southeastern High Speed

v1.1.6: February 14, 2021
- Added a DLC randomizer button. If you can't decide what to play, press the "Random DLC" button in the top bar and a random DLC will be selected. By default, this randomizer will be biased towards DLCs that are less complete. You can change this in the User Settings.

v1.1.5: February 3, 2021
- Added a very crude stats page, for people that are into that kind of thing. More to come.

v1.1.4: January 23, 2021
- Changes to "DLC Installed" portion of Settings:
- Redesigned the section to be more mobile friendly and hopefully easier to navigate on any device.
- Check All / Uncheck All options.
- Shows a tag beside the most recent DLC
- Verification emails should be more likely to reach your inbox.

v1.1.3: January 18, 2021
- Feedback now given if value can't be saved (ie: user lost internet connection)

v1.1.2: January 15, 2021
- Users are no longer required to verify their email before they can login.

v1.1.1: January 12, 2021
- You can now sort by clicking on the header of the table. (If on mobile, you can still see the sorting options on the display settings page)
- Allows sorting by any type of value, not just DLC total.
- Changed the default sorting order to DLC name instead of release date.
- Added the option to group DLCs by country or DLC type. The option to do so is on the Display Settings page.
- Added a notice at the bottom of the DLC list if any DLCs are hidden because of a filter.
- Removed the "Saving..." text that appeared at the top when changing a value.

v1.1.0: January 5, 2021
- Added mobile support. Try the site on your phone! :)
- New popup when editing a value that changes depending on how big your screen is.
- When editing a value, the value is instantly changed on the front-end before being saved server-side, eliminating the lag users were experiencing.
- Changed "pinned" DLCs to "favourited" DLCs. You can favourite as many DLCs as you like, and they will be saved between sessions.
- Eliminated scroll bar on the home page to make the experience consistent across platforms.
- Fixed multiple bugs and formatting issues.

v1.0.2: December 15, 2020
- Added display settings: Users can sort DLCs by release date, name, and overall completion. Also, they can filter DLCs that are 100% complete
- Fixed a few more css bugs
- Updated SKA services to reflect change in game
- Will redirect to https automatically to ensure a secure connection.
- Bug fix: if you edit a value with a decimal, it will remove the decimal (for example, user inputs 1.1, the program will think they entered 11)... now it will just ignore the input and keep the old value.

v1.0.1: December 11, 2020
- Added overall DLC completion percentage under the "Total" column
- Allows user to "pin" a DLC to easily find it during that session. Pinning is only temporary, and will be lost if you refresh the page. Just click on a DLC name to pin it.
- Allowed usernames and passwords to be a little longer.
- Tracks when a user is registered and when they were last active.
- Fixed a bug where HMA services wouldn't calculate properly when first setting up your account.
- Fixed a few css/formatting bugs
- Added a changelog.